Users can influence some aspects of K8up by defining annotations on certain resources.

These annotations can have different names in your cluster, depending on how K8up is configured. See Operator Configuration reference

Annotation Description Accepted Values Applicable Resources Configuration Option

If defined, this influences whether this pod shall be backed up (true) or not (false)

Either 'true' or 'false'

Pod, PersistentVolumeClaim


If defined, this command is invoked in the context of this Pod on the beginning of a backup.

A string that represents a command (and its arguments) to execute, for example mysqldump -uroot -psecure --all-databases. See Application Aware Backups for more information and an example.



The output of the k8up.syn.tool/backupcommand annotation is written to a file in order for it to be backed up. This annotation defines the file extension of that string.

A string which is valid file-extension on the source system, for example .sql.



Specify in which container inside pod backup should be done

A string which is valid pod name.