Connect with the K8up community:


The project has GitHub discussions enabled where we discuss everything around K8up. Feel free to hop in there.


We use the CNCF Slack Workspace and are reachable in the #k8up channel.


The source code and issue tracking is available on GitHub under k8up-io/k8up.

Monthly community meeting

Join us in our monthly recurring community meeting.

Monthly community meeting

The K8up community hosts a monthly community meeting in Zoom:

Time and Date

Every first Monday of the month at 5:00 PM Europe/Zurich timezone. You can use to convert into your timezone.

Zoom link


The agenda

We collect inputs for the agenda in a Google Docs document.

The general agenda is:

  • Ask the maintainer

  • Discuss roadmap

Currently, we don’t do any recordings of the meeting, until the community wishes to do so.


Current maintainers are documented in the file.

Project sponsor

The project is sponsored by VSHN AG.