Changes in K8up v1.0

See the upgrade instructions for detailed instructions about how to upgrade from version 0.x to 1.x.

K8up v1.0 is a big milestone for K8up. Although K8up 1.x itself is backwards compatible with 0.x resources, the installation method has changed greatly.

K8up sprang to life before Operators "exploded" in the Kubernetes ecosystem. There weren’t many frameworks available then. It was initially built with Kooper, but for v1.0 it was rewritten and migrated the Operator to Operator SDK and Kubebuilder.

The resources should stay the same and are backwards compatible. But the CRDs feature new properties and thus should be upgraded.

Additionally, K8up comes with a new CRD EffectiveSchedule. This resource is needed for the K8up specific schedules. Related to this, a new environment variable BACKUP_OPERATOR_NAMESPACE is required. However this defaults to the installation namespace when using Kustomize or Helm.