Changes in K8up v2.0

See the upgrade instructions for detailed instructions about how to upgrade from version 0.x to 1.x.

K8up v2.0 is another milestone for K8up. Because of the move to its own GitHub organization, some resources have been renamed. This makes K8up 2.x incompatible with previous resources.

Previously, the code that invoked the restic binary was in its own project, which was called wrestic. Over time, we realised that the two components are tightly coupled. For users, it was not clear, whether a bug was in the wrestic code or in the k8up code. Neither was it clear to us, all the time. Therefore, we decided that it would be best to merge the two repositories into one.

We expect this to have additional benefits. For one, there is only one Docker image going forward, (or, respectively). It contains all the code for both parts, the operator and the restic adapter, and they can be released together as one. Because often the release of one component required a release of the other component anyway.

We also believe that the merge made K8up easier to comprehend. We hope that in the future both parts can also share more code. For now, their CLI interfaces have been aligned, which already helps during development.

We have big plans for future versions of K8up, but they all require a solid foundation. We believe that K8up v2 is that solid foundation.

Going forward, K8up v2 drops support for very old Kubernetes versions, for example OpenShift 3.11. If you are using Prometheus for alerting, note that metrics names changed their prefix from baas to k8up.